Facilities Management
Pythagoras solutions and software gives our Swedish and international customers superior quality and efficiency in the handling of information concerning the use of their buildings and facilities.
Pythagoras enables clients to achieve superior performance from their property and workspace assets throughout the lifecycle from Design to Operation. Our services include a powerful graphical database enabling clients to fully optimise space and ensure that investment in capital expenditure is maximised.
Pythagoras enables organisations to save considerable amounts of money by gaining visibility of actual costs, redeploying and remodelling space. For example, £10.6M (17%) total annual savings can be achieved by an organisation with total annual property costs per annum of £60M and a floor space of 200,000m2 using Pythagoras software solution. Significant improvements to the bottom line can be achieved when released space is sold off.
Pythagoras is offered as a cloud solution providing superior possibilities to share information in the organisation, and the opportunity for interaction with external parties.
Pythagoras creates a real estate database, based on a graphical model (drawing) of a building allowing a knowledge base to be built up about the property, furniture, cleaning and staff allowed access to it. Pythagoras allows you to model various scenarios to optimise the space to suit changing needs. You can rest assured that your investment in capital continues to be used in the best possible and most cost effective way.
Pythagoras helps monitor and optimise space throughout the whole lifecycle of a building where 80% of the costs are incurred. The use of Pythagoras ensures thorough life cycle analysis, service life planning and a more solid life cycle optimisation of the design and use of buildings. Indeed, optimising the use of space is far by the most efficient way to achieve improvements in environmental sustainability.
A company is nothing without its customers, and we are very proud of ours!
We have clients in both the private and public sector clients with a wide range of operations. Some of our customers use many elements of our system and others use only parts. Examples of different use for some of our clients: to administer large premises, customers who manage large amounts of local-related contracts and customers who have extensive operations in cleaning.
What our customers have in common is that they have a need to keep their premises and property related information up to date.
Here are some of our clients:
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